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Raising expectations

"Founded in 2004, the Civilcasa group, which initially had the main objective of real estate development, quickly increased and diversified its business areas, thanks to the recognition it obtained from its clients. The desire to grow, supported by a continued investment in competence, dedication and technical capacity, led the group Civilcasa for sustained growth that makes it a benchmark in the market.Currently the group Civilcasa encompasses a group of companies that work in different business areas, such as, Construction, Carpentry, Real Estate Development, Hospitality, Thermal and Geriatrics.We work daily to exceed the expectations of those who contact us daily with our work. "

Quality Policy

CIVILCASA, as a Construction Company for Public Works, Private and Real Estate Development, intends to continue cementing its position in the market, diversifying its line of business, investing in the social, thermal, tourism and rehabilitation areas, always meeting the requirements of its Customers and the other Stakeholders.To this end, it is committed to strategic partnerships, as well as to its internal resources, both human and material, in order to regain strength in the real estate business in a self-sustaining way and with the creation of consistent value for all stakeholders.Thus CIVILCASA, undertakes to:- Ensure that all its employees are qualified to perform their duties, ensuring their continuous "training" and following the evolution of new construction techniques and new technologies;- Maintain good business relationships and create new ones by making a selective and thoughtful choice of their suppliers of products and services;- Invest in the satisfaction of its customers through the continuous construction of quality.- Apply all legal, regulatory and regulatory requirements in force.Aware of the challenges posed to it by a world in constant transformation, compliance with the Quality Policy aims to be the engine for compliance and continuous improvement of its Quality Management System.The Manager.

Video demonstration of the CivilCasa Group

Civil Casa Group - Cró termas e Hotel | Longroiva Termas e Hotel | Radial Redonda

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Quality aiming at a greater diversity of intervention in the markets.

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