Building of Housing, Commerce and Services


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Situation pointCompleted

Type of work: Building of Housing, Commerce and Services

Location: City Park - Aveiro

Developer: Civilcasa e Aveiropark

Architect: Sónica Cruz

Value of the work: 12 075 000€

The SPAZIOPARK development, located in Baixa de Sto. António, in Aveiro, consists of 16 apartments, typology type T2 to T4 Duplex, with areas ranging from 106 m2 to 368 m2, with parking spaces.

Floor -1 and floor 0 are intended for commercial use.

The excellent location, in the urban center of the city, is synonymous with panoramic privilege, sophistication and refinement, allowing you to enjoy full centrality, excellent access and enjoy exceptional views of the green area of the city.

Finishes of superior quality, imperative choice in the interior and exterior, a guarantee of the enterprise. From kitchens, to bathrooms, to floors, window frames, woods, stones and quality ceramics, it is intended that the apartments have conditions of excellent comfort and habitability.

Pictures T3 model floor


Situation Sold

Immobile Building of Housing, Commerce and Services

Typology Various

Year of construction 2014